Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dream: tsunamis and hellfire

Where does my mind get these things? really? I'll tell you upfront I dont remember a ton about either of these dreams... but then I say that and I actually write alot about them XD Anyway- The first one-:

This dream was where me, my mom, my grandma and my aunt brenda were on vacation, while they were away I had built them an awesome restaurant in the sand on the beach (minecraft crossover anyone?) However when I went to show them, above the sand roof I saw a huge wave and quickly rushed them all away off to be behind the metal dock- I remember how scared I was while we all stood there, backs pressed as far back against the wall as possible while this wave crashed within feet of us...I really remember it.

Anyway It would appear that that wave wasnt happy about missing us- and kept trying to kill us. So of course we made a run for it- I couldnt believe the devastation this wave was causing just to get to us- and I couldnt believe how terrifying it was!

I even remember a specific part where It got my aunt brenda- and mom or grandma didnt try to help her- I watched her struggle in the waves then just dissapear and mom pulled me to run again-mom just muttered something condescendingly about aunt brenda and I was even more scared-

Then at some point we got into our taurus- and I remember Mom didnt care about the fence- or roadblock or whatever it was- it actually looked more like two small radio towers that were bocking the road- whatever they were mom crashed right through them in the car.

All I remember is that we ran- I was scared, and when I woke up I was terrified.

I hate dreams like that...

Dream 2:

I dont really remember too much about this one either- but I remember specific moments and I'll try to fill in the blanks the best I can between those moments-

this dream had me and my step sister amber in it- as well as a rat I've never met (known as ratty) and Our deceased bird Tiffani (she died a couple/few years ago)

Anyway- Amber wanted to take me to this place- that was oddly like hell- so she brought me to a doorway- you had to do something specific to get in- but we didnt know what-or at least I didnt- but amber did- and so she opened the door for us to go down to what can only be described as a hell.

It was dark, dreary, with moaning walls, and fire flaring up randomly on you, and sometimes right beside you,blood dripping from the high ceiling, startling you when it splatters on the ground by your feet- and if you were to look up you would almost see why, silhouettes of twisted, monster figures anchored to the ceiling by spears that had been run through them, or large hooks through their throats- entrails hanging like ropes.

Once I walked in I didnt like it- and I held Ratty close- Tiffani on my shoulder. Amber for some reason however felt right at home here- and motioned for me to follow her.

She brought me to a sort of church- why there was a church in hell I had no idea- but As I looked around it didnt seem very homey.. what with the blood colored floors, and hard spiked pews and things- I didnt want to stay in there- but amber had already sat down- so I decided that she could stay and I would leave- I left tiffani and Ratty with her- because I figured they'd be safer with someone who was sitting down than someone who was possibly running for their lives and left the "church"

However I dont remember what I DID when I left- but I remember what happened when I came back:

I walked back into the "church" and found amber- she was asleep- and ratty was on her shoulder looking at me. but Tiffani was no where to be found, Worried I moved over and woke Amber up- Once she was awake I asked her about Tiffani- she was confused before she lifted up her foot, and under it was Tiffani, half crushed and writhing, letting out soft pained squawks. I remember this so clearly in my head- and I dont like the imagery. I started crying, and I probably was crying in my sleep for real too- and So I decided that I would end my poor birds misery and I killed her. Then I took Ratty away from amber and put him in my bag, telling amber to Angrily "hurry up!" and I left the church- not looking back at amber- or looking back to look at my now crushed and dead friend.

How could Amber be so negligent?? gah-

Somehow we got back home to the real world, I dont remember how- but I do remember that after that In my dream I woke up in my bed and where I was laying was scorched and black. like someone had taken a lighter to it and lit my bed on fire. But not the whole thing... just the spot I was laying- Amber told me it was my own personal portal back to hell- but I didnt want it-I didnt want to go back there ever again-

But I remember we had to for one reason or another- again I dont remember the reason so I grabbed my scorched pillowcase- and followed amber to the door again-

the last thing I remember about this dream is that I was in a cabin where the door was- holding my pillow close while amber fought off monsters that were trying to get in. And her yelling at me to "Go without her"

Then the dog woke me up with his barking...

I swear my dreams are just getting weirder and weirder...